Dungeon Hunter 3

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Monsters and magic


  • Good gameplay
  • Classic controls


  • Not optimized for older devices

Very good

Dungeon Hunter 3 is the third game in the Dungeon Hunter series combining action and adventure.

In the game you are able to choose from four heroes. Each class has different abilities that can change gameplay. It is like most dungeon-style games where you explore to defeat enemies and gain experience for your characters. Dungeon Hunter 3 includes different attacks, along with special abilities to help you defeat more powerful enemies.

Graphics in Dungeon Hunter 3 are a little dated, but they present the action of the game well. It derives a lot of influence from older games in the genre and also shows off decent effects.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is perfect for players who like action adventure role playing games.

Dungeon Hunter 3


Dungeon Hunter 3 Demo

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